Hope Church Nursery School


  A nurturing preschool for children ages 2-5

About Us

Hope Church Nursery School is a safe, loving, and nurturing preschool for children two, three, four, and five years old.  In addition to placing a strong emphasis on emergent literacy and numeracy, our curriculum includes music and movement, art, field trips, parent conferences, and outdoor activities.  These embedded academics are all incorporated into our activities and playtime!

Our curriculum is age, individually, and developmentally appropriate within an atmosphere of love and encouragement.  We embrace all religions and cultures; all children are welcome.

For 50 years now, Hope United Church of Christ, has sponsored the nursery school for church members and the community.

Our Philosophy & Vision

We believe that all children should have a safe, loving, nurturing environment where they will learn at their own developmental levels.  We are dedicated to the ideal that each child is unique, and through our encouragement, will grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.  As role models to the children, the teachers reinforce the positive goals, values, and attitudes of the home.

In addition to a strong emphasis on emergent literacy and numeracy, our curriculum includes music, art, gym, field trips, parent conferences, and outdoor play.  these embedded academics are all incorporated into our PLAY!

The preschool years are a time for exploring our world and ourselves, fostering creativity and wonder, and developing a strong love and desire for learning.

For more information, please contact Jessie Geist or Mary Jane Brochu at 610-439-8973 or at [email protected].

"Our Garden of Hope"

by Ingrid Klicker, Hope teacher
(Edited and Approved by Hope Church Nursery staff - March 2010)

In the garden of Hope each child will grow and blossom in a stimulating but safe environment.

Soil:  Well designed physical environment intended to minimize conflicts, while maximizing learning opportunities

Water:  Wealth of cognitive concepts including good literacy experiences, social development opportunities, and hands-on experiments that promote critical thinking.

Sunlight:  Consistent love and support from caring teachers and families who respond to each child's unique needs in a positive way.

Result:  A vibrant space where each child and adult has a place to thrive that is unique to them but supportive of the whole.

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Nursery School Committee Members

School Director:  Jessie Geist

Asst. School Director:  Mary Jane Brochu

Church Council Liaison:  Maricel Concepcion

Parent Reps:  Gina Arnold, Danae Murphy, Katie Wells

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