Hope Church Nursery School


  A nurturing preschool for children ages 2-5


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Quotes My little guy has attended Hope for the past two years. He started in the 3 year old program and absolutely loved Mrs. Pauloski and Miss Salute. He still talks about them both. This year he enjoyed Mrs. Bagzis' class in the 4 year old program. He has made friendships that have also evolved outside of school with play dates at home. Each teacher that he has interacted with he has learned and grown from and I couldn't be happier to send him to school knowing he enjoys seeing his teachers! I am looking forward to the coming year when he gets to enjoy a year in the Pre-K program and his little sister might enjoy the toddler program for 2 year olds. Mrs. Martin is always helpful when you need something and is very informative with emails and updates on things going on at the school. Hope is a great place to send your children to prepare for the next step in their lives. Quotes
Mom of 2

Quotes Both of my girls attended the 3's and 4's at Hope. I will be very sad to leave since my youngest will be going to Kindergarten in the fall. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had such loving, nurturing staff take care of my children and help build a foundation of fond school memories that they will carry with them throughout their lives. As a former teacher, I would highly recommend Hope to anyone...you will be impressed! Quotes
2 Happy Hope Kids

Quotes I have only good things to say about Hope's Nusery Program. My son has loved every single day he has spent at school. The love and affection he was shown by his teachers and fellow classmates made it even easier for my husband and I to drop him off in the mornings. We have a daughter who we hope will enjoy it just as much once its her turn to attend. Our son has learned so much and has said to us that he is sad that he is getting older and must go to kindergarten. Know how much he has learned and valued his time there has only made it easier for myself and husband to want to give to Hope even if just a little. The staff has done a great job of making my little ones and i know many other little ones feel as if they are always at home. Thank you to everyone involved...it has been a great experience for us! Monica T. Quotes
Monica Tranguch
Happy Mother

Quotes As newcomers to the region, we were a little concerned about where to send our daughter to school. Hope came highly recommended and we have not been disappointed. The staff and teachers provide a safe and nurturing teaching environment to provide these young pre-schoolers with the tools they'll need to successfully enter kindergarten. Our own daughter's self-confidence increased dramatically in the months since beginning at Hope, as she is learning basic math and grammar skills, as well as how to interact with others of her age group. Happy Anniversary Hope! Marieke and Angelo Quotes
Marieke and Angelo
Satisfied Parents

Quotes When we started asking around about preschools, it quickly became a very easy decision... everyone I mentioned "Hope" to just RAVED about it; they could not say enough good things. And after a year there, we couldn't be happier. My son loves his 3 year old class and is looking forward to 4s. My next son will be starting 2s and I'm sure will love it. The teachers are wonderful and you can tell they truly care about the children. Quotes
So Happy with Hope

Quotes The staff at Hope have given our children a great start toward their education. Our son has graduated from Hope and was truly ready for Kindergarten after one year with Ms. Marie's four program. Our daughter has been enrolled with the three's and now the four's program. She has learned so much from attending Hope. We recommend Hope to any parent seeking a great pre-school experience for both the kids and the parents. The teachers have also helped us as parents adjust to our children's early school life. Teachers are always available to answer any concerns. Quotes
Sue & Paul
Satisfied Parents

Quotes Wishing everyone that is or has been a part of Hope Church a very Happy Anniversary! Quotes
Happy 50th Anniversary!`

Quotes Recently we were chatting with the nurse at our pediatrician's office. She mentioned that her son is getting married in September and that he went to Hope. She said that one day they were looking at pictures of when he and his fiance were young. They noticed familiar faces and that train in both of their pictures. Here....they both went to Hope at the same time! The nurse told me that they will be getting some wedding pictures done at that famous Hope train and that Hope was the best decision that she made for her sons education. What a lovely story! Good luck to the happy Hope couple :) Quotes

Quotes When we made the decision to send our son to preschool I sought the advice of my friends. Both of them suggested HOPE as their children had gone. We did not even look anywhere else. Jacob loved his teachers in the 3 year old program and is very excited to meet his new teacher and classmates in September. Thank you very much for loving my child. Quotes
Very Satisfied Mommy

Quotes As first time parents we had no idea where to send our son to school when it was time. Our pediatrician recommended Hope and other parents told us that Hope was the best school in the area. We were nervous about sending our 3 year old to school but we were welcomed by such loving and caring arms there that our son did not have any problem on the first day. Our son is now off to first grade but our daughter attends Hope...and we have two more to send to Hope after that! We wouldn't dream of going elsewhere! The director and teaching staff love and care for each child and love teaching. The teachers are like family and Hope offers an environment that makes a child want to learn and have fun! The teachers put their heart and soul into every student and every day that they are teaching. Hope simply is the BEST and Hope children are lucky ducks! Quotes
Mom of 4