Hope Church Nursery School


  A nurturing preschool for children ages 2-5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Information about Tuition Payments

You will receive a packet of tuition envelopes in May or June for your child for the entire year.  Please use these when making tuition payments.  Monthly school fees must be paid by check or money order (NO CASH PLEASE) to HOPE CHURCH NURSERY SCHOOL.  The tuition envelopes can be mailed to Hope Church Nursery School, 1031 Flexer Avenue, Allentown, PA 18103, or you may deposit them into the black Tuition Drop Box located on the wall outside classroom #1.

Families with two or more children concurrently enrolled receive a 10% discount on the monthly tuition of the younger child.

Tuition is divided into nine equal payments for your convenience.  September's tuition is due by July 10th.  The remaining payments are due by the 1st of each month, September through April.  There will be a $10 late fee for payments not received by the 10th of the month.

No deduction is made for absence or prolonged vacation during the year, or for conditions beyond our control, such as power failure, snow or ice storms, or other inclement weather.  Should it be necessary to withdraw your child from the program, notice to the director must be given at least 30 days prior to your child's last day of classes.  Tuition is due for this 30-day period. 

Snow Days

Check WFMZ.com or watch Channel 69.  Hope will be listed separately at the bottom of your screen.  An email will be sent out or call the school (610-439-8973) and listen to the updated message on cancellations. Cancellations and late starts are also posted on Facebook.


Please dress your child in comfortable play clothing and sneakers or non-skid shoes.  Outerwear and rainwear should be labeled with your child's name.  Assume that every day is "painting day" and/or "gym day" and dress your child accordingly.  Exceptions: party days such as Christmas and Valentine's Day and class picture day.

We certainly understand that children like their little fashion accessories; however, jewelry, purses, ties, etc. can easily get lost or broken at nursery school.  Furthermore, these items distract the children's attention during educational and play activities.  Please encourage your child to leave these accessories at home where they'll be safe.  Hope CNS will not be responsible if these items are lost or broken.

Birthday Invitations

The teacher may only send home your child's birthday party invitations via book bags if ALL children in the class are invited.  Please be considerate of this policy.

What if our child clings to me and cries the first day of school?

Because you were with your child at orientation, he/she has had an opportunity to meet new friends and teachers and become accustomed to new surroundings.  This usually eliminates "first day anxiety".  If  your child does cry, be calm, positive and firm about his/her staying and leave quickly after reassuring him/her that you will return shortly.  The teacher will try to interest your child in an activity.

It may help to discuss the amount of time he/she will be at preschool before he/she comes to school.  Because your child cannot yet tell time, discuss the amount of time in a way he/she will understand.  For example, "I'm going grocery shopping now and will be back to pick you up when I'm finished" or "You'll be in preschool about the same amount of time as it would take to watch Sesame Street two times." 

Our child wants to bring something from home every day. What should we do?

If bringing a blanket or stuffed toy to school helps your child with separating, please send it along.  However, toys from home can get mixed in with Hope's toys and this can cause unnecessary confusion.

Our child enjoys preschool but does not talk to us about what he/she does there.  How can we encourage conversation regarding his/her day?

At the end of each month you will receive our monthly activities calendar for the next month.  You can begin a conversation with your child by saying, "I see you talked about circles today.  Let's try to find some circles around our house."  You can also use the calendar to prepare your child for future activities such as field trips by saying, "You're going on a trip to the Wildland's tomorrow.  That will be fun.  I'll be there to pick you up when you come back and you can tell me all about it."

Does our child need to bring anything from home?

We ask that your child bring a back pack or tote which is convenient for carrying home papers and art projects.  The TOT teacher will email all TOT parents with additional items to send to school each day.

How will we know how our child is progressing in preschool and if he/she will be ready for kindergarten?

We schedule Parent/Teacher Conferences each year for all classes (except TOTs).  At this conference, your child's teacher will discuss your child's developmental progress in four important areas of skill development: social, fine motor, gross motor, and language ability.  If prior to regularly scheduled conferences, your child's teacher feels there is a need for a conference, she will contact you by telephone.  Or, if you feel a conference is needed, please express your concerns to your child's teacher at any time during the year.

Behavior Policy

As Early Childhood teachers, we are here to help guide your children towards improving their social skills, developing acceptable methods of asserting themselves, and assisting them in learning coping skills. We cannot allow any child to hurt himself or another child.

If, for example, one child hurts another by biting, punching, scratching, or any other intentional act, steps will be taken at the discretion of the teacher and/or director to further prevent this behavior from occurring.  This may include a call to the parent(s) or a conference with the parent(s) to establish an action plan.

Once an action plan is developed, every effort will be made to keep a child in his or her class.  However, there may be circumstances which warrant termination of a child's enrollment at HCNS including, but not limited to, parent's refusal to seek professional help, physical or emotional problems that require constant one-on-one attentions, and/or severe behavioral issues that cannot be controlled and may endanger the child or other children.

In the past several years many studies have been done on childhood aggression.  The results consistently indicate that childhood aggression must be taken seriously as the outcome is often adult aggression. 

Child Abuse and Neglect Policy

All teachers, by law, are mandated reporters of suspected child abuse.  If we have reasonable cause to suspect that a child in our care is being abused or neglected in any manner, we must contact Children and Youth within 24 hours.

Injury or Illness at School

If any pupil is injured or becomes ill while at school, the parents will be contacted.  If the parents cannot be contacted within 5-10 minutes, the emergency contact(s) listed on your child's registration form will be contacted.  It is the responsibility of the parent to call for the child at school and to arrange further care if needed.  In emergency situations Hope Church Nursery School reserves the right to call Cetronia Ambulance to take the child to the nearest hospital (LVH) or the hospital you requested on our child's registration form.

Due to the current situation in Day Care centers and Preschools across the country regarding physical and sexual abuse of children, the Hope Church Nursery School Committee has instituted a policy prohibiting the teachers from physically assisting children with their toileting needs.  Suggestion: Help your toilet-trained child learn to use toilet paper and get his/her clothes back on.

Communicable Diseases

The following regulations on the duration of exclusion from school will be strictly enforced.

Minimum Duration of Exclusion from School

No child, absent or excluded from class by reason of one of the diseases listed below, shall return to school before the specified time has expired.  This regulations refers to the following: 

Chicken Pox 6 days from the last crop of vesicles or when lesions are dry 

Conjunctivitis    24 hours from institution of (pink eye) appropriate therapy 

German Measles 4 days from onset or when rash is
                                gone;  temperature is normal

Measles 4 days from onset of rash

Mumps 9 days from onset or after swelling is gone

Scarlet Fever 7 days from onset or 1 day after antimicrobial therapy by a physician

Strep Throat 7 days from onset or 1 day after appropriate antimicrobial therapy 

Whooping Cough 4 weeks from onset or 7 days of the appropriate antimicrobial therapy 

Field Trips

The nursery school curriculum is often enhanced by field trips during the school year.  Parents will be notified, in advance, of all trips to be taken by their child.  Permission slips will be sent home for your signature.  Payments for field trips must be enclosed in a sealed envelope with your child's name clearly marked.  At various times throughout the school term and depending upon the unit being studied, guest speakers will be invited to come to Hope Church.

Classroom Visitation

Parents are always welcome to visit our classes at Hope.  Please notify your child's teacher one day prior to your visit.  Many times throughout the year, the teachers will request "Helping Hands" to aid them in a special art project or craft.


If you have an occasional hour to share please contact Jessie Geist (610-439-8973).  We especially need parents to answer the phone during January prior to Open House and to assist with the Orientation packets in May.

Parties and Birthdays

Occasionally we may ask parents to donate baked goods or food items for special events.  Sign up sheets are usually found on your child's classroom door.  Since the children enjoy sharing their birthdays with their friends at Hope, we encourage parents to bring a birthday snack on the day designated to celebrate their child's birthday.  Check with your child's teacher concerning specific allergy restrictions.

Outreach Program

Once or twice a year the nursery school supports an individual or agency with contributions of clothing or supplies.  In the past years,  we have supported the Coco Foundation through Christmas giving and the Coco Walk in the Spring.